Unveiling the Power of Visibility: Top 10 Free Book Promotion Sites for Authors

In the vast expanse of the digital publishing landscape, getting your book into the hands of readers is a journey that demands strategic marketing efforts. As an author, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your work, and now it’s time to ensure it reaches its audience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the realm of book promotion and reveal the top 10 free book promotion sites that can help amplify your book’s visibility, connect with readers, and take your literary journey to new heights.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is a haven for book enthusiasts and authors alike. As an author, you can create an author profile, interact with readers, and host giveaways to generate interest in your book. With its vast community, Goodreads provides a platform for genuine engagement and exposure.

2. BookBub

Known for its powerful book recommendation service, BookBub offers authors a chance to promote their discounted or free eBooks to a massive user base. The site’s curated emails ensure your book reaches interested readers, enhancing its discoverability.

3. Instafreebie

Instafreebie (now part of Prolific Works) is a fantastic platform for offering free eBooks in exchange for readers subscribing to your mailing list. This not only promotes your book but also helps you build a dedicated readership.

4. ManyBooks

ManyBooks offers authors the opportunity to list their free eBooks in its extensive catalog. The platform’s user-friendly interface and genre-based categorization make it easy for readers to discover new titles.

5. Freebooksy

Freebooksy specializes in promoting free eBooks through its email subscription service. By featuring your book to its subscribers, Freebooksy can significantly boost downloads during promotional periods.

6. eBookStage

eBookStage offers a daily newsletter that features discounted and free eBooks across various genres. Getting your book listed can attract readers who are actively looking for new and exciting titles.

7. BookSliced

BookSliced compiles free and discounted eBooks from across the web, making it a convenient platform for readers seeking deals. By listing your book here, you ensure it’s part of a larger collection that attracts deal-savvy readers.

8. Free Kindle Books and Tips (FKBT)

As the name suggests, FKBT is dedicated to promoting free Kindle books. Submitting your book to this site can grant it exposure to Kindle users actively seeking no-cost reads.

9. eBookDaily

eBookDaily sends out daily emails featuring free and discounted eBooks. By including your book in their listings, you increase its chances of reaching engaged readers looking for new additions to their digital libraries.

10. eBookHounds

eBookHounds offers authors a dynamic platform to showcase their free and discounted eBooks to an engaged audience. By listing your book on eBookHounds, you tap into a community of readers actively seeking new literary adventures. The exposure gained from this platform can significantly enhance your book’s visibility and broaden your reader base.


In the dynamic landscape of book promotion, these top 10 free book promotion sites serve as invaluable tools for authors seeking to amplify their book’s visibility. With their reach, engagement, and specialized focus, these platforms offer a variety of avenues to connect with readers who are eager to discover new and exciting literary works. By leveraging these sites, you can embark on a journey of increased exposure, engagement, and the gratifying experience of connecting with readers who resonate with your story.

So, fellow authors, take charge of your book’s destiny and explore these free book promotion sites to bring your literary masterpiece into the hands of readers who are ready to embark on your storytelling journey. Through these platforms, your words can find their deserving place in the hearts and minds of readers around the world.

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